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IBL’s employees have more than 15 years of experience in the design of pressure parts, pressure vessels and piping systems, as well as analytical and numerical structural analysis. We also offer advice and calculations. Of course we will accompany you during the project planning, construction, production and assembly.



Building on the experience in the analysis of stresses in components of the apparatus and plant engineering, the engineering office Dr.-Ing. Gert Lau (IBL) is tasked with supporting small and medium-sized companies in the entire design and manufacturing process as well as in the distribution of pressure- and / or temperature-stressed components.



Our customers include companies such as Linde, Shell, Alstom etc. For these customers, we analyze and evaluate the demands on cold or hot components of large steam generators, waste incineration plants, coal gasification plants, waste heat boilers and chemical plants.

The company actively participates in the FDBR working group Strength Calculations and Regulations.



Together with Lau Engineering Solutions GmbH, IBL sponsors a portal for apparatus and plant manufacturers. Designers, design engineers and calculation engineers will be provided with a platform for information exchange and exchange of ideas.


In this section you can read articles published in the past in various forms (newspapers, internet), constructions and in whose work IBL was involved.