Our Philosophy

The Company

Building on its experience in the analysis of stresses in components of apparatus and plant engineering, IBL has set itself the task of supporting small and medium-sized companies in the entire design and manufacturing process as well as in the distribution of pressure- and / or temperature-stressed components ,

With the focus on the practice-oriented analysis of components of the plant engineering and the cooperation with further engineering offices we hope to be able to offer special expertise at economically interesting prices.

In addition to analytical dimensioning calculations according to national and international regulations and numerical stress analyzes based on the finite element method, we advise our customers on the optimization of their products in the design phase and in the analysis of damage.

In this respect, we understand our task thoroughly in a continuous project support from conception to implementation in practice “a claim that our regular customers, u.a. through the conclusion of appropriate framework contracts, honored and wished.

The Concept

We think, we can offer highly qualitative services at good market prices because:

  • IBL performs structural mechanical analysis and advises many clients in the whole country and this facilitates the following:
    • we sufficiently provide our stuff with the work
    • we employ enough qualified, but not overqualified specialists to deal with separate tasksFor example, often technicians or technical designers perform a complete design development. However the analysis of results of the required plausibility check which follows afterwards is done by engineers.
  • IBL concentrates on the requirements of apparatus and construction engineering and
  • IBL cooperates with other engineering offices and software companies, which work in the same field, and this allows us to offer professional knowledge with relatively low demand on highly qualified specialists.

Using these partnership principles, together we can settle your structural mechanical problems:

  • You have: basic idea, concept, special know-how,
  • We have:
    • experience
    • hardware
    • software.
Initial situation

Nowadays main resources of European apparatus and construction engineers are their innovative way of thinking, professional know-how and the creativity of their teams. Constantly changing situation and demands of the market, but also and in particular an increase in costs, force small and middle-sized companies to be more flexible under a limit of stuff members.

Considering this aspect, many firms again and again reconsider application of structural mechanical analysis.

  • Mostly it is not worth investing funds in required software and highly qualified staff to use these calculations occasionally.
  • In the “stand-alone” firms there is a lack of specialists who are competent in branch-specific topics. Help from competing firms is undesirable.
  • Due to the personnel costs it is often unreasonable to hold up a highly qualified specialist to train the beginners.
  • In this respect, professional know-how dies slowly away, because “old hands” leave the firm.

In this situation IBL wants to offer technically and economically interesting alternative.

  • We calculate stress/stain in your component with the help of:
    • modern hardware
    • international software.

    • technically simple or complex structures,
    • structures under mechanical or thermal loadings,
    • structures under stationary or transient loadings
  • we help you with calculation, analysis
  • and evaluation!

Colourfull pictures are not everything that you receive from us!

Within our documentation you get an evaluation of the results according to the national and international rules. We also support you in the processes which come afterwards:

  • gladly we assist you in optimisation of your components
  • we hope that through our experience, we have gathered in many projects, we will be able to enrich the know-how of your firm.
Often our customers ignore the following:

When you start developing a concept of a product, especially at the project planning stage when you have to assess about 90 percent of the future costs, it is worth making calculation. If you want, for example, to make a conceptual design or to optimize a component or you need to know such factors as strength evaluation or variant behaviour, calculation made by Finite Element Method can give you necessary information and safety for your project.

Especially for apparatus engineers, calculations which may help to reduce the weight, however to maintain sufficient strength are of a great use.

For thermal components, analysis of strength under thermal and mechanical loadings combined together may be a necessary requirement to start working on project.

Trust your calculation questions to our FEM-stuff.

Our professional know-how and client-specific service will guarantee you quick and secure results at good market prices.

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