Software, online calculations and databases for engineers and designers

The special page with software, online calculations and online databases for apparatus and plant engineering. You can download the demo versions free of charge and get a clear impression of the programs. You can carry out the numerous online calculations very conveniently and cheaply online.

Internet portal for apparatus and plant engineering

The engineering office Dr.-Ing. Gert Lau and Lau Engineering Solutions GmbH jointly operate a free portal for the apparatus and plant manufacturer, in which in the future information about constructive solutions, technical calculation algorithms, component and material properties, selected, industry-specific technical books, journals and articles, but also interactive databases and calculation programs will be presented.

The creation, maintenance and servicing of this web-based knowledge system is the responsibility of LES GmbH staff.

Participation with FDBR working group

The company actively participates in the FDBR working group Strength Calculations and Codes.

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