The Concept

IBL hopes to be able to offer a technically and economically interesting alternative here.

Based on the following considerations, we believe that we can offer high-quality services at economically attractive prices:

  • The supra-regional provision of structural-mechanical calculation and consulting services for several customers enables IBL to
    • sufficiently utilize the required specialists and
    • deploy sufficiently qualified (but not overqualified) personnel for the individual machining processes; e.g. the often extensive modeling is carried out by technical draftsmen or technicians, while the evaluation of the results, including the necessary plausibility checks, is performed by engineers.

The concentration on the requirements of apparatus and plant engineering and the cooperation with other specialized engineering companies, software houses etc. allow IBL – with a relatively low demand for highly qualified specialists – to offer the necessary industry-specific knowledge.

Let us work together as partners on this basis.

  • You have the basic idea, the concept and the special know-how,
  • we have:
    • the experience and
    • the hardware and
    • software,

to solve your structural-mechanical problems.

  • We calculate the stress on your components with the help of
    • modern hardware and
    • sophisticated, internationally recognized software.
    • Whether technically simple or complicated structures,
    • mechanical or thermal,
    • stationary or transient loads.
  • We solve your calculation problem, analyze the stresses
  • and evaluate them!
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