The Company

Ingenieurbüro Lau (IBL) has gathered a lot of experience in stress/strain analysis of the components of apparatus and construction engineering. Therefore the company decided to support small and middle-sized firms in design development and production process, but also in marketing of pressure and thermal components.

Since we cooperate with other engineering offices and try to make the analysis of the components in construction engineering more practical, we hope, we may offer you our professional know-how at good market prices.

IBL offers analytical dimensioning calculations according to the German and international rules and also numerical stress/strain analysis on the basis of Finite Element Method. Besides we advise our clients in such questions as optimisation of a product at the planning stage and analysis of damages.

In this respect, we see our object in constant support of a project we are working at, from product development till its production.

That is what our regular customers would appreciate and reward.

We also offer our customers research, consulting and training services. As part of a network solution with partner companies, customers are offered additional services that are necessary for analyzing cases of damage that occur and for improving future product generations, such as experimental and materials science studies, expert opinions and similar.

In addition to scientific and technical tasks, our company also offers consulting and training in the areas of Internet-based applications, office organization, literature research and database design, as well as the creation and distribution of corresponding hardware and software.

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