Initial situation

Nowadays main resources of European apparatus and construction engineers are their innovative way of thinking, professional know-how and the creativity of their teams. Constantly changing situation and demands of the market, but also and in particular an increase in costs, force small and middle-sized companies to be more flexible under a limit of stuff members.

Considering this aspect, many firms again and again reconsider application of structural mechanical analysis.

  • Mostly it is not worth investing funds in required software and highly qualified staff to use these calculations occasionally.
  • In the “stand-alone” firms there is a lack of specialists who are competent in branch-specific topics. Help from competing firms is undesirable.
  • Due to the personnel costs it is often unreasonable to hold up a highly qualified specialist to train the beginners.
  • In this respect, professional know-how dies slowly away, because “old hands” leave the firm.

In this situation IBL wants to offer technically and economically interesting alternative.

  • We calculate stress/stain in your component with the help of:
    • modern hardware
    • international software.
    • technically simple or complex structures,
    • structures under mechanical or thermal loadings,
    • structures under stationary or transient loadings
  • we help you with calculation, analysis
  • and evaluation!
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