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More than 25 years of experience with strength calculations in steam boiler, vessel and piping construction

The employees of Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Gert Lau (IBL) rely on more than 25 years of experience in strength calculations in apparatus and plant engineering. Building on this wealth of experience, which cannot be quantified materially, IBL has specialized in particular in:

  • the design of
    • Pressure parts,
    • Pressure vessels and
    • Piping systems

      according to national and international regulations such as
    • ANSI B31.1, ANSI B31.3
    • EN13480, EN13445, EN1591, EN12952/3
    • British Standard PD5500
    • Stoomwezen
    • AD-Merkblättern, TRD u.a.

  • analytical and numerical structural analyses of
    • mechanical and /or
    • thermal stresses on the above-mentioned components
      • Consultations and calculations within the analysis of damage cases
      • Consulting and calculation services
  • Consulting and calculations
    • in the context of the analysis of damage cases
    • in the distribution
    • during the development and
    • Optimization

We analyze and evaluate(!) the stresses for cold or hot components operated in the low or high pressure range of:

  • Utility steam generators
  • Waste incineration steam generators
  • Coal gasification plants
  • Waste heat boilers and
  • Chemical plants

such as:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Steam generator
  • Heat exchanger
  • Piping systems including the support structure
  • Machine parts

What we charged for our customers, you can see in our reference list. (Unfortunately we are not allowed to publish the most interesting projects due to blocking notes of our customers. Data protection and confidentiality are a matter of course for us)

We will be happy to send you more detailed documentation on request.

We will not leave you alone with colorful pictures !

At the request of our customers, we continuously accompany a component during the

  • Project planning
  • Construktion
  • Manufacturing and
  • Assembly

And advise you at

  • Approvals and
  • Expertises

That is why we are more than just a calculation office!

Selected services include:

  • Dimensioning of vessel shells, pressure parts, valves, pipelines, heating surfaces for stationary and/or cyclic pressure loads according to the Design by Formula Method deposited in American, European and German regulations.
  • Stress analyses for the strength verification according to the Design by Analysis Method deposited in American, European and German codes of practice
  • Flexibility calculation of pipelines / piping systems
  • Load calculations according to American, European and German regulations as a basis for:
  • Verification of stability
  • Verification of stability (buckling, dents)
  • Temperature field calculations
  • Thermal stress calculations
  • Fatigue verification for the low and high cycle range to determine
    • the fatigue strength
    • Permissible load cycle
    • Permissible cold and warm starts
    • Residual service life
    • Creep fatigue damage in the high temperature range
  • Creep rupture strength tests to determine
    • the creep and relaxation behavior
    • permissible operating times
    • Residual service life
    • Creep damage
    • Creep fatigue damage

  • Deformation analyses
  • Stiffness verifications
  • Analyses of the vibration behavior (modal/time history)
  • Supports in the selection of materials
  • Variant calculations and optimizations
  • Preparation of auditable documents and documentation
  • Support during expert interviews / approval and preliminary testing (e.g. TÜV approvals, ASME Inspectors, Professional Engineers …)

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