For piping systems, from the

  • smallest cold-flowing to the
  • largest cross-section carrying superheated steam,

we create among others

  • Internal pressure-,
  • Flexibility-
  • pressure shock and
  • vibration calculations….

The programs we use for this are

  • internationally accepted piping programs
  • as well as the PIPE MODULE from ANSYS.

The result evaluation is carried out according to the common piping codes, e.g.

  • ANSI B31.1 u. ANSI B31.3
  • FDBR-Richtlinie
  • KTA

Location and type of supports, such as spring and constant hangers,
guides or stops, can be determined in consultation with your plant designers.
Our calculation results can be integrated into the

  • known design programs for
  • Spring and constant hangers
  • and in the design of the
  • steel construction

can be taken over immediately.

However, such calculations can also be carried out by us.

Our knowledge of apparatus engineering, especially in the dimensioning of pressure vessels, allows us to independently check the permissibility of the calculated pipeline loads for vessel nozzles, flanges, etc.

For special connections, e.g. inclined nozzles or nozzles in brim areas of floors, we determine the stresses due to the pipeline loads with finite element programs.

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